Anti-vaxxers: What’s wrong with that?

Right now, the COVID vaccine seems to be the hottest topic. Theoretically, we all should know everything about the virus and its protection, but anti-vaxxers still exist. So, we’ve decided to debunk some of the myths about vaccination.

Anti-vaxxers: Debunking the most popular myths

First of all, you should know that doctors and scientists insist on vaccination and its benefits for people with no health restrictions. This will help us develop herd immunity faster and finally cope with the pandemic. Now, let’s talk about COVID vaccine myths.

#1: The vaccine can negatively affect female fertility

In fact, the COVID-19 vaccine causes the body to make copies of the spike protein found on the surface of the coronavirus. Thus, it “teaches” the immune system to fight the virus.

Some person (especially anti-vaxxers) believe that this adhesion protein and the other one, involved in the growth and attachment of the placenta during pregnancy, are identical.

False! These proteins differ, so do not worry.

No scientist or research associates coronavirus vaccination with the risk of infertility.

#2: You do not need a vaccine after recovering from COVID

Seems like anti-vaxxers do not believe even in different COVID strains. Anyway, should people who have had COVID-19 get a vaccine, too? Absolutely yes. Unfortunately, you can get infected with the new coronavirus again. On average, antibodies persist for about 3-4 months. People who have survived the disease should get a vaccine no earlier than six months after recovery.

#3: Vaccines cannot be effective because they are “too young”

Pharmaceutical companies have invested significant resources in the rapid development of a COVID-19 vaccine due to the global nature of the pandemic. Mobilization of resources helped a lot to succeed.

#4: Side effects of COVID-19 vaccines are scarier than the virus itself

In fact, the so-called side effects of the vaccine include fever, weakness and aches. Please mind that, unlike the virus itself, COVID vaccine do not lead to lung damage, ventilator, or even death.

Anyway, better consult a doctor first, especially if you have allergies or chronic diseases.

#5: The vaccine can enter cells and change DNA – anti-vaxxers

Vaccines use messenger RNA to “instruct” our cells how to “distinguish” the coronavirus spike protein. Still, RNA does not integrate with human DNA.

#6: You can catch the coronavirus from the vaccine

Fortunately, the COVID-19 vaccine does not “infect” humans with the coronavirus. Protein only helps the immune system recognize and fight the virus!

Both anti-vaxxers and people who believe in science suppose that after vaccinating you can live without a mask, gloves and antiseptics…

At the moment, scientists warn that vaccinated against COVID should still take precautions, especially while antibodies develop.

Usually, anti-vaxxers nor vaccine nor use the most common protective methods.

Anyway, vaccination protects against severe symptoms and complications, reduces the risk of the disease itself, but does not completely exclude it. That is, a person can still carry the virus. Think of others, too!

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