bad breath causes

Bad breath causes (uncommon ones included) and remedies

You think that bad breath causes are all hygienic? Think twice. In some cases, it still pursues you, even if you always brush your teeth thoroughly, and visit your dentist regularly. We picked most common, but also not that typical bad breast causes.

First, hygiene!

Let us start with the most obvious of bad breath causes. Are you sure you are brushing your teeth right? Mind that you should also clean your tongue daily, and don’t forget about flossing.

Healthy teeth tips for everyone

Or maybe you are overdoing on the mouthwash? It should reduce bad breath, but sometimes it makes the problem even worse. First of all, it happens because most mouthwashes destroy bacteria. In addition, many mouthwashes contain alcohol which can dry out your mouth.

Should we remind you that smoking not only causes many unpleasant health conditions, but also makes you smell worse?

Less common bad breath causes


Sounds strange, but one of the bad breath causes is lack of water. The thing is moisturizing and bacteria, again.

Certain diseases

Bad breath itself may be a sign of serious diseases. For example, people with diabetes often have an odor of acetone in the mouth. Besides, an unpleasant smell usually accompanies gastritis and stomach ulcer. Also, persistent bad breath commonly goes together with sore throat. Moreover, it may be a sign of liver and kidney disease, asthma, or even throat cancer and heart disease. Anyway, better pass regular health checks.

Excess weight

According to a study, bad breath is also in the list of health problems caused by being overweight.

A risk of pre-term delivery

Pregnant women need to pay particular attention to bad breath. Seems like women with gum disease are more likely to have premature or low birth weight babies.


Yes, it is also capable of spoiling your breath. Stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine cause the growth of pathogenic bacteria responsible for the odor from the mouth.

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