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A brief guide to a healthy back for those who sit a lot

Having a healthy back is extremely important, since it literally supports all the body. However, this is not so easy for those who have to sit a lot, or those who lug around extra weight daily. So, here are some tips to keep your back muscles and your spine in shape, to avoid back pain, and to prevent spinal disc herniation.

Which workout won’t harm?

If you already feel discomfort in the back, ask your doctor for a list of therapeutic exercises. Mind that your should perform them under the supervision of a specialist, at least first. This healthy back workout will help strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, and restore the mobility of the joints.

The best exercise for a healthy back include swimming, pilates and yoga.

In order not to provoke a herniated disk, do not give an additional load to the spine. In addition, avoid jerky movements and working out with large weights.

What lifestyle might help have a healthy back?

The health of the back depends on the way of life in general, too. With a balanced
and varied nutrition, the body weight remains normal, thus helping keep your back healthy.

Think of replacing your common office chair with a back support one.

Regular physical activity forms a strong muscular corset. So, if you spend hours in the office, remember about short breaks. Usually, it’s quite enough to warm up, walk around, or just stand up for a couple of minutes.

Slipped disc basic information

Herniated disc may appear in any of us, but most often it happens to those who sit in front of the computer desk, or drive for hours every day. Other potential risks are excess weight, or lifting weights.

Do you need an MRI scan?

In fact, back pain is only three to five percent of cases associated with herniated disc. But most often the discomfort in the back is caused by weak muscles, or joint problems. Anyway, in case of prolonged or severe back pain, visit your doctor to get examined and diagnosed. Most likely, you will be offered some conservative therapy and special exercises.

However, if your condition doesn’t change, or if it worsens in four to six weeks, you might need an MRI scan. If the acute pain in the back is accompanied by a loss of sensitivity or a disturbance of the movements in the leg, MRI is usually prescribed immediately.

Who needs surgery?

Actually, surgical treatment can be effective when conservative therapy does not help, or if the benefits of surgery exceed its risks. On the other side, every year neurosurgical techniques become safer. But, for some patients, complications after surgery may lead to disability.

More tips on a healthy back

So, here are some more easy tips to avoid or decrease back pain.

Your working place:
  • Customize it, paying special attention to your desk and chair.
  • Change your position frequently.
  • Make regular breaks to move around.
Physical activity:
  • Exercise regularly (at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes).
  • Do not skip a warm-up.
  • Avoid lifting excess weights if you have back pain.
  • During housework, try standing or sitting upright.

When texting or reading, sit up. If driving, adjust the seat, and take breaks in long drives.

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