false health myths to leave behind in 2017

Completely false health myths to leave behind in 2017

Although the main thing you should leave behind in 2017 is an unhealthy way of living, there are also some false health myths to forget immediately. We picked the ones which are really weird, and which may even harm you.

Some false health myths to leave behind before the New Year:

First of all, let us talk about self-treatment with grandmother’s methods. People often think that even if it does not help, it will not make things worse. Unfortunately, it could. So, this is one of the most dangerous false health myths.

Self-treatment is effective and safe? Not always…

Your grandmother did so, and you do, and sometimes it really makes you feel better? It may be just the placebo effect.

Anyway, here are two particular points to avoid. These self-treatment practices are ineffective and unsafe.

Treating yourself with herbs is fine? No!

When the doctor asks what medicines or nutritional supplements you are taking, tell about everything, including herbal teas. Although herbal remedies often seem safe, their interactions may be unexpected and even harmful.

“Cleaning” of the liver and other home detox methods work? They harm!

Just forget about the super-foods which magically help you get rid of so-called toxins. There are no toxins. And trying to detox at home, you may make things worse.

Glutamate causes cancer and autism? Fortunately, not.

You may be surprised, but this food additive present in a huge number of products is totally safe. At least, there is still no evidence of its harmful effects on a human health.

Glutamate overexcites the nervous system? No.

In fact, glutamate obtained with food normally never reaches your brain. If you really eat tons of it, that may actually cause a slight excitement, comparable to the effect of a cup of coffee.

Glutamate causes allergies? Not proven…

Discussions about some symptoms similar to allergic symptoms because of glutamate consumption after visiting Chinese restaurant haven’t been proven in any further research

Glutamate causes blindness, obesity and cancer? No way!

First, the blindness research was criticized more than once. And, obviously, obesity is more about eating too much, especially unhealthy foods. If a person overeats and does not exercise, he risks gaining excess weight without glutamate. Finally, there are no published studies proving any higher risk of development of tumors because of it.

Calcium makes teeth stronger? Not exactly…

Yes, the role of calcium for the human body is enormous. But calcium supplements won’t make your teeth better from the inside. After the teeth have finished their formation, the process of absorption of minerals directly from the bloodstream ceases.

You can drink plenty of supplements, but if you are not a child or a teenager, it won’t affect the density of teeth

It is much more useful to take care of your teeth, and to visit your dentist regularly.

Is vitamin deficiency after winter season real? It is uncommon.

Fatigue and drowsiness at the end of winter and early spring are often associated with seasonal vitamin deficiency. In fact, this condition is much less common than the myth of its existence.

You may really need Vitamin D supplement, especially in winter

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