Coronavirus protection

Coronavirus protection: Should I wear a mask?

Seems like everybody worries about the new Chinese virus, and about Coronavirus protection. Should I stay at home? Or should I wear a mask? Maybe, I should better not visit my favorite Chinese restaurant? Let us try to understand what is happening, and what should we do to protect ourselves.

Recently, in drugstores around the world, the demand for disposable masks has grown sharply. You can meet people in such masks on the streets and in vehicles.

At the same time, no authoritative medical organization in the world gave official recommendations to wear a mask to protect against this infection.

Coronavirus: Basic info

Unfortunately, particles of the virus are microscopic and can penetrate through the pores in a conventional surgical mask. If you think you really need one, use more reliable respirator masks, the so-called N95. They filter out 95% of particles of 0.3 microns or more in size from the air.

Of course, these masks are more expensive. Furthermore, they are not suitable for children or people with a beard and mustache. In addition, it is not that easy to buy them.

Masks for Coronavirus protection: Could they be useful?

On the other hand, even a simple surgical mask can delay (or at least help delay) the spread of droplets of saliva from the person who put it on.

Respiratory viruses spread by close contact, and quickly die in the air. So, a healthy person does not need a mask in most cases.

Still, you might put a mask for coronavirus protection in public transport or, for example, if you have to visit a hospital. Well, why not trying just to calm yourself?

Do not touch it before you remove it! Then, throw it away, and wash your hands thoroughly.

Mind that this new coronavirus bites weakened people, the elderly, and patients with confirmed immunodeficiency first of all.

Protection in various countries

For example, in Australia, doctors and local authorities recommend those who have returned from China over the past two weeks and have noticed the symptoms of the common cold to wear a mask and consult a specialist.

In the U.S., paramedics should wear N95 masks and safety glasses when entering a room with people with a suspected or confirmed infection.

Coronavirus protection: What can you really do?

To protect yourself from any infection, including coronavirus, follow these tips:

  • do not panic
  • often and properly (for at least twenty seconds) wash your hands with warm water and soap
  • otherwise, use an alcohol sanitizer
  • do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth
  • regularly wipe work surfaces
  • try not to touch common objects such as a doorknob in a public toilet
  • if someone sneezes or coughs, try to step back a couple of steps
  • read our immunity boosting tips
  • refrain from traveling to China
  • if you have been there recently, and now have shortness of breath, a fever or a cough, seek medical help as soon as possible.

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