daydreaming health benefits

Daydreaming health benefits that may surprise you

Have you ever tried to have a break for sleep at daytime? The answer is yes? Good for you! Anyway, some of these daydreaming health benefits may surprise you. Check this list, and get healthier.

Daydreaming health benefits

It makes you smarter

Have you ever heard of Japanese workaholics? In Japan, daytime sleep is a kind of ritual, and it really helps to work harder without getting too tired. According to recent studies, a 30 minute sleep in the afternoon increases cognitive abilities by almost 40%.

Short sleep improves memory and learning skills

A brief daydreaming cheers up the neurons responsible for the understanding of information, and helps structure the information that was received earlier.

Brief sleep enhances creativity

Just 20 of daytime sleep is enough to improve the associative thinking and imagination needed to create something new. In fact, it makes you think differently. In addition, it enhances mindfulness and productivity.

Daydreaming compensates all the negative effects of lack of sleep

A brief daytime dreaming removes the sleepless night effects. Just do not let this trick become a habit. Unfortunately, on the third day it will certainly loose its magic.

It fights against heart attack

Rest in the afternoon reduces the risk of a heart attack by almost 40%. So, maybe siesta is one of the best healthy habits.

The optimal duration of daytime sleep is 26 minutes

It lowers blood pressure

According to a study, day sleep is associated with a 37% reduction in coronary mortality, because of reduced cardiovascular stress due to decrease in blood pressure.

How much sleep do you need?

  • 10-20 seconds: scientists have found no benefits, but no harm as well
  • 2-5 minutes: it helps to overcome drowsiness
  • 5-20 minutes: it puts you back on your feet
  • 20-30 minutes: the perfect match, bringing all the benefits listed above
  • 50-90 minutes: the same benefits, but it also helps restore bone and muscle tissue

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