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Future human health: How will we live, eat and be treated in 100 years

While Greta Thunberg draws our attention to the future of the planet, scientists make their predictions for the next hundred years. We have gathered the most interesting hypotheses about the future human health.

How we will live, eat and be treated in 100 years? Let us learn what to expect in the future, according to scientists.

Future human health: Diet

Eating insects?

Scientists think that in a hundred years, or even earlier we will eat insects (probably, in the form of powder). Why? Because of the global warming and its impact on agriculture. That is, today we should think of what to eat next.

Lab meat and cannibalism

Meat grown in the laboratory may reduce the burden of farming on the environment. Still, such products are not available yet.

Another option, suggested by a Swedish researcher Magnus Söderlund, is… cannibalism. Magnus says it will solve both the nutritional and the overpopulation problems.

Future human health: Medicine

New life forms

Seems like creation of new organisms is just a matter of time. For example, Harvard scientists are now trying to create a human genome. Earlier, a bacterial genome with 473 genes was obtained.

Preserving the brain

One of the scariest things in the future human health is preserving the brain. Scientists have already tried to keep it in perfect condition for quite a long time. Fortunately, they still cannot understand how to put it in another body.

VR therapy

Scientists already cope with chronic and phantom pain by sending patients on virtual trips. VR technologies also demonstrate effectiveness in children with autism, and in the treatment of visual and motor disorders of varying severity.

No injuries and aging

Sooner or later, the scientists will be able to grow lost or damaged body parts and organs. Another hope is the opportunity to increase or restore the length of the telomeres associated with aging.

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance increases. So, someday, even the simplest infections might become deadly for us. Hope science will find a way!

All you should know about antibiotics

Workout of the future

Fitness patches vs fitness bracelets

Obviously, such devices will become even smarter. Moreover, they should become more adaptive. What about fitness patches or temporary tattoos?

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