genetic erectile dysfunction

Genetic erectile dysfunction: The newest study

Maybe, this evidence proving that genetic erectile dysfunction exists, will make you happy. According to the newest study, a certain part of the DNA might affect impotence in men. Good for you? Bad for you? Anyway, the news seem fantastic!

Genetic erectile dysfunction discovery

So, California scientists have identified a link between the risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence and the genetic rs17185536-T polymorphism. You can easily find the results of the work in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Still, we will tell you all the necessary data in brief.

Usually, people associate erectile dysfunction with certain diseases, such as diabetes or prostate gland disorders. At the same time, everyone knows such risk factors as unhealthy lifestyle. For example, smoking or an increased body mass cause impotence quite often.

As it turned out, genetic features can also increase the risk of this unpleasant condition in men. DNA means a lot, so no surprises.

Previously, most men thought wrong about that their inability to get and keep an erection. Now, you can change your mind, and start looking for the newest methods of impotence treatment. Hope scientists and pharmacological companies will invent and produce something really effective.

The study

In the course of twin studies conducted in 2004, scientists have established that ED and impotence may be associated with the genetics of the patient. In fact, the connection was noted in a third of cases.

Researchers at the University of California at San Francisco and the University of Washington Medical School collected a “risk group” that included 14 thousand men with a clinical diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. In addition, they were able to study the DNA of 222 thousand people from the UK Biobank.


“The discovery that the vicinity of the SIM1 gene was associated with impotence is extremely important for us. Now, we can definitely say that this disease might be genetically motivated. Therefore, such a conclusion allows us to look for other so-called impotence genes, and create drugs that interact with them.”

If you wish, search for more comments on the Internet. Most scientists cannot wait for the new research.

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