get motivated to lose weight

Get motivated to lose weight: the best tips

Wanna get motivated to lose weight? We found some really easy tips to help you start and never stop!

The very first steps

First of all, decide why exactly you want to lose weight. Maybe, to feel better? Or, to look better? Maybe, to make your partner fall in love with you again?

Then, set realistic goals. Write them down. Literally, write down how much you wish to lose, as well as how often you need to exercise. Then stick to this plan.

Also, create visual goals. For example, you can buy a new bikini that will fit your future perfect body.

Get motivated: diet

  • Tell others about your goals. Thus, it will be much easier to eat healthier, and to eat less.
  • Prepare your fridge and kitchen. First of all, throw away all the bad foods. Then, fill the space with fruit, vegetables, and healthy snacks.
  • Count your calories. But count both consumed and burned energy. Those numbers may be really impressive.
  • Use cheat days. They do help lose weight.
  • Reward yourself. Of course, better not with a doughnut, but with a new healthy gadget, for example.

Get motivated: exercise

  • Start an exercise diary. Because writing down your progress makes everything concrete.
  • Join a class. First of all, it may motivate you to attend.
  • Choose a level that suits you. Certainly, you don’t have to start like an athlete.
  • Get a trainer. Personal workouts are really effective.
  • Keep it fun. Mix different types of physical activity not to get bored.

Get motivated: good habits

  • Promise yourself to give up bad ones step by step. That means one by one, and giving yourself at least six weeks to get rid of for every single bad habit.
  • Add on new, healthy habits, one by one. For example, start cooking healthy foods.
  • Find a weight loss partner. Thus you will be engaged in teamwork, that is good. In addition, you will have someone to cheer you on, that is excellent.
  • Keep a success journal, and take pictures. You will be surprised how quickly your body changes.
  • Read motivational books, and success stories. You can succeed, too!

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