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Getting a beach body fast: tips and tricks

We believe that you are doing your best to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle all the time, with no breaks at all. If not, there is still a way to get a beach body fast. No matter when your vacation will be, you can look even better before summertime!

Some tricks (some creepy ones, too) to get a beach body fast

All about diet…

  • Start counting calories. Both incoming and outgoing. If you won’t like it, you can always stop! But right now, just try to burn more calories than you consume. Maybe you will have to eat less, or to eat less fatty foods. Anyway, it’s worth getting a beach body fast, right?
  • Allow yourself to eat more before 3 p.m. Consuming a majority of your calories earlier, you will lose weight and fat faster and easier.
  • Eat smaller meals, but more frequent. You shouldn’t starve, as far as your body needs food to lose weight. So, try eating healthy foods in smaller amounts about every two hours.
  • Stick to 40/40/20 diet plan. That means you should consume about 40% of your calories from protein, 40% from carbs, and 20% from natural fats. The best proteins for you now are fish, beans and chicken. Carbs should be clean, such as vegetables, brown rice and whole wheat. And the best sources of fat are avocado, nuts and eggs.
  • Think of your vacation every time you wanna grab a glass of soda, or a doughnut. If you just cut out your morning doughnut or soda and walk a few miles a day, you can lose about a pound a week.

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…but not only diet!

  • Drink more water. It will help you burn more calories, but also eat less. In addition, thus you will improve your skin appearance.
  • Banish bloat. Skip carbonated drinks, and drink water and good tea instead.
  • Mind your posture. It helps look leaner instantly!

Working out to get a beach body fast

  • Stretch before you exercise. Because it helps both avoid injuries and make your workouts more effective.
  • Target your major muscles. For example, during strength-training sessions focus on your legs, arms, and abs. These zones are usually the most important.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day. Even if you are not literally working out, walk, run, bike, or swim daily.
  • Consider cardio and interval training before summertime. Because these workouts help burn more calories and get a beach body fast.

Three weeks left?

21-day beach body fast plan

Here’s a 21-day bikini body workout plan from Fitness Magazine!

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