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Health anxiety (hypochondria) and how to deal with it

Health anxiety (hypochondria) is more common than you can imagine. While some of us worry about health issues from time to time, others cannot stop thinking about their imaginary problems. Such excessive worrying about your health causes great stress and affects your everyday life negatively. So, is there a way to get rid of hypochondria?

Quick health anxiety guide

Most common health anxiety causes

  • Stress. For example, you may suffer a lot because of illness or death in your family. Common stress may make you more anxious, too.
  • Your personality. Well, you may be a worrier generally. Still, there are ways to become a better person.
  • Mental health problems. Sometimes, health anxiety can be a symptom of depression or anxiety disorder.

Hypochondria differs from person to person. Most of these people are constantly seeking information on the internet. But some of them prefer making appointments with their doctors and passing all existing tests, while others avoid visiting health clinics at all.

Health anxiety signs

Have you got health anxiety? Check this list!

  • you think you are having a serious illness without even being diagnosed
  • and you feel distressed due to this preoccupation
  • you practice constant self-examination
  • and you are constantly seeking information on different diseases on the internet
  • while you cannot believe what your doctor says about your existing illnesses
  • you also seek for reassurance from doctors and family that you are fine

Getting rid of hypochondria

If you suffer from health anxiety, and there is no real physical cause for it, try to get rid of it.

Ways to fight hypochondria

  • Therapy. Try psychological therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Medications. First of all, antidepressants help if you have┬áhypochondria because of depression or anxiety.
  • Start a diary. Sometimes, just writing down your thoughts along with real (or imaginary) symptoms helps to stop worrying that much.


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  1. Im suffering anxiety right now , i dont how to manage it, i dont know what to do.. im always palpating my neck because there is a lump !


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