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Health investments for this (and any other) spring

Certainly, in the spring, you want to do something useful for yourself, and this is a very good idea. Certain health investments will help to prevent illnesses, and to spend this season, the upcoming summer and all your life much better.


First of all, in order not to end up with unprotected skin in the sudden bright spring sun, we recommend buying several sunscreens at once. One for daily care, to apply in the morning. Other ones, in form of sprays, sticks or small bottles, to keep in a bag, locker, and your car.

Mind that you should use your SPF products several times a day!

Screening moles

Light-skinned people with a lot of of moles have an increased risk of melanoma. So, to protect yourself, avoid sunburn, never visit solarium, protect the skin with clothing and cosmetics, and try to stay in the shade. Also, it makes sense to examine your moles once a year.

Health investments in fitness gadgets

The WHO recommendations for adults, that is at least 75 minutes of intensive or 150 minutes of medium cardiac load per week, are much easier to follow with certain gadgets. Fortunately, devices and apps that monitor your physical activity help to understand weather you are doing your best.

Infection tests

Now, we are talking about sexually transmitted diseases. They may not manifest themselves for some time, so it is better to pass such tests regularly. Why not doing this in spring, when people are thinking of love and sex more than ever?

Medical insurance

When choosing a new insurance, mind such options as good location of the basic clinic, but also the coverage for diagnosing and treating dangerous diseases, including cancer.

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