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Health myths: true or false?

Still believe that eating fat food makes you fat, and carrots give you night vision? It’s time to put an end to most popular as well as most weird health myths! Let’s play. Try to guess whether it’s true or false…

Eating turkey makes you sleepy

Turkey contains an amino acid tryptophan, a component of some of the brain chemicals that help us in relaxing. On the other side, plenty of foods do! It’s overeating and alcohol that make us sleepy on holidays.

Chocolate causes acne

At least one study shows that it’s not true at all. Neither the chocolate nor the fat seem to have any effect on acne.

Eating ice cream makes your cold worse

In fact, it can soothe a sore throat and provide calories needed to recover.

Eating carrots gives you night vision

Vitamin A in carrots is good for the health of your eyes. It’s a pity, but it won’t give your all-seeing superpowers.

Eating fat foods makes you fat

It’s one of the health myths that seems quite reasonable. In fact, eating fats as well as eating carbs doesn’t make you fat. You will gain weight if you take in more calories than you burn.

Microwaves are dangerous and may cause cancer

Radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. And microwave radiation just heats food up.

Being cold gives you a cold

Being cold won’t make you sick. Furthermore, you’re more likely to get cold indoors because of the germs.

Nerve cells do not regenerate

Fortunately, the brain continues to produce new cells even when you are not a child anymore.

Hair and nails keep growing after death

You won’t appreciate these news before Halloween, but they don’t. The reason of the appearance of their growth is the skin that dries out and shrinks.

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