healthy autumn resolutions

Healthy autumn resolutions to make your life even better

The beginning of the new season is an excellent occasion to acquire new useful habits. So, we picked some ideas of healthy autumn resolutions for you. Why not try changing your life for good this fall?

Healthy autumn resolutions for the body

Walk, Forrest, walk!

First of all, think of new physical activity goals. For a healthy heart, WHO recommends 150-300 minutes of pure aerobic exercise per week. Or, at least forty minutes a day. It sounds modest, but in reality visits to the gym three times a week are usually not enough. Maybe you will appreciate skipping elevator for more walking? Set yourself a simple task to begin with at least five thousand steps a day.

Plan a visit to your dentist

A professional teeth cleaning is a great idea for autumn. During this procedure, different types of plaque, including those invisible to the eye, are removed. This helps prevent many complications. In addition, the visual effect is great!

Stop skipping breakfast

According to new research, there is a clear correlation between the lack of breakfast and lack of physical activity. Also, keep in mind that nutritionists recommend eating protein with fresh vegetables and fruits in the morning.

Healthy autumn resolutions for the mind

Try therapy

It could be one of the best healthy autumn resolutions. Especially, if you’ve never tried this. In fact, psychotherapy is necessary for every adult person, and it will be a great gift to yourself.

Leave the phone overnight in another room

It will help solving several problems. For example, thus you may fight internet dependence. Also, giving your eyes a rest helps improve your vision (try audibles instead of constantly scrolling your FB). In addition, it is good for your sleep. Moreover, seems like there is an obvious connection between the use of social networks and depression

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