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Healthy weekend tips for adults who prefer staying alive on Mondays

Many of us are successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle during weekdays, but lose willpower as soon as on Friday night. So, we picked these healthy weekend tips to help you both feel and look better on Mondays. In fact, it is quite easy to change your unhealthy weekend habits.

Healthy weekend A to Z

  • Plan ahead. On weekends you have time not just to make a schedule for the next week, including healthy menu, but to plan the next weekend, too.
  • Schedule relaxation. Finally, now you also have time to watch the newest movie, or to spend a day in SPA.
  • Limit your drinks. Relaxation has nothing to do with bar hopping. And Monday morning hangover has nothing to do with health.
  • Why not have a longer workout? Again, now you have more free time, so make it even harder than usual.
  • Choose outdoor activity. Because you don’t have to stay in the gym for hours on weekends, and you need some vitamin D.
  • Eat healthy, or cheat. Try to eat like it’s a weekday to stay fueled and energized. Also, pack healthy snacks when you go exercising. Or else, make Saturday a cheat day.
  • Stick to homemade. Cook something healthy and new with your friends or family.
  • Eat before events. Thus you won’t overeat when partying.
  • Drink more water. It will help both your diet and your wine tasting.
  • Stick to your normal sleep schedule. Because changing your sleep patterns could make insomnia even worse.

Healthy weekend: women’s edition

If you misbehaved on weekend, mind these tips:

  • Take a shower. We mean, before going to sleep, no matter how many cocktails you’ve had tasted. And remove makeup!
  • Have a good sleep. It will help you most to get a fresh look after a party.
  • Drink water, or fresh citrus juice in the morning. Thus you’ll feel much better immediately.
  • Rely on skin masks. Choose a hydrating one, for example.

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