Hysterectomy: Why Lena Dunham told about getting rid of the uterus

Everyone’s discussing why did Lena Dunham tell about her hysterectomy (a surgery on the uterus, when it is removed). The director says she made it after many years of agonizing pain due to endometriosis. We understand the importance of speaking about such interventions aloud.

Hysterectomy most important facts

In the US, hysterectomy is the second most common surgical intervention in women of reproductive age (after cesarean section). Of course, you should have indications, including malignant tumors or heavy bleeding. Doctors also remove the uterus with the development of serious complications during childbirth, when it comes to saving lives. At the same time, in general, doctors find this surgery quite helpful and safe.

Hysterectomy myths

There are plenty of myths about the removal of the uterus, such as the menopause immediately coming, etc. In fact, the onset of menopause is associated with the hormonal background. And the ovaries, if you preserve them, continue to work even after the hysterectomy. In one study, ovarian failure after removal of the uterus was more common. But only sixty out of 406 women experienced menopause within four years after surgery. So, the hormonal background does not change after the surgery. Anyway, if necessary, the doctor can prescribe you hormone replacement therapy.

Libido and the ability to enjoy sex do not change after such an intervention, too.

In fact, removal of the uterus really helps get rid of pain instead of continuing to endure it.

Dunham’s case

Lena Dunham says that she had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. At this time, she had not only the procedures for preparing for the surgery, but also multiple discussions. The doctors had to make sure that she understood what was going on.

Endless pain or infertility? No endometriosis and life without pain, or an opportunity to get pregnant in the future? Every woman makes her own decision.

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