immunity boosting tips when winter is coming

Immunity boosting tips to prepare your body for winter

Winter is coming. We’ve got some immunity boosting tips to prepare your body and mind for the cold season. Using them you’ll stay warmed up until spring! No more colds, no winter blues, and even more energy than ever.

Winter immunity boosting tips for the body

  • Use the power of sunshine. Less daylight means you have to take it all. Go for a walk after lunch.
  • Stay hydrated. In addition, put a humidifier in your bedroom. You can choose one of these.
  • Take vitamins. Even if you eat as healthy foods as possible, in winter it’s not enough.
  • Spice up your dinner. It helps to increase blood circulation, warms you up, and also can help with winter viruses.
  • Stay active. Get outside for skiing, or at least do your usual workouts at home.

Winter tips for the mind

Winter can increase the risk of depression. So, take these easy steps to prevent it.

  • Sleep well. It’s useful for your body, too.
  • Consider aromatherapy. There are ways both to relax and to calm using it.
  • Stay social. Use every opportunity to get together and complain about the snow.
  • Take a vacation. Just a few days in the sun will help to overcome it all.
  • Mind the seasonal affective disorder. Talk with your doctor if you notice any symptoms of it.

Warming up

In addition to immunity boosting tips we offer some scientific ways to stay warmed up all winter long.

  • Layer up. Use special underwear, and both wind and waterproof outerwear.
  • Put on your wool socks. Now you can wear them even in bed.
  • Eat more. Yes, in winter you can afford it!
  • Choose the right drinks. Set the kettle to boil, because alcohol is not the best choice in winter.
  • Stop shivering. Try to relax your muscles, or just get your ass to a warmer place.


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