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Internet addiction symptoms and treatments

Internet addiction is already considered to be a real threat. Moreover, scientists have found out that it may signal other mental health issues. Let’s observe most common internet addiction symptoms, and ways to deal with it. You’ll also find a link to the test recognizing the first signs of getting addicted.

Scary new facts

Canadian researchers assessed internet usage at McMaster University in Ontario. More than 250 students were involved in the study. Scientists also evaluated their mental health, including signs of depression and anxiety.

Finally, 33 young people met criteria for internet addiction, and 107 for problematic internet use. Most addicted had trouble controlling instant messaging, videos and social networks use. They also had higher rates of depression, anxiety, impulsiveness and inattention, as well as problems with time management.

Anyway, a larger study is needed to find out if these mental health issues are a cause or a result of excessive internet use, the researchers say.

Internet addiction symptoms

An addiction has both physical and emotional symptoms. However, they may vary for each person. Here are some basic warning signals.

Most common mental internet addiction symptoms are:

  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • euphoria while internet surfing;
  • irritability when attempting to cut down use of internet;
  • isolation;
  • guilt;
  • planning and time management problems;
  • procrastination;
  • lost sense of time.

Physical ones:

  • headaches;
  • backache;
  • weight gain or loss;
  • sleep disorders;
  • vision problems;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can take a small and easy test to find out whether you’ve got this kind of addiction or not.

internet addiction symptoms

Internet addiction treatments

The best treatment is to understand that you are experiencing problems, and to deal with it by yourself. You’ve got your will, dude!

Too difficult? Remember about professional therapy.

Emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety often cause internet addiction. So medications for those conditions, such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, can help in some cases. However always consult your doctor before taking them.

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