little-known health facts

Little-known health facts you should better know now

Seems like every single day brings us new knowledge on what is right and what is wrong. Maybe these little-known health facts will surprise you. It will be even better if this newest information helps you change your habits and lifestyle to get healthier.

Little-known health facts for everyday life

  • Vision does not deteriorate because of working with computers.
  • According to the recently published study, there is no safe dose of alcohol. But it also says that if you drink moderately, health risks do not increase, or increase slightly.
  • There is no evidence that electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco help quit smoking, or are safer than normal cigarettes.
  • Usually people apply 2-4 times less sunscreen than necessary.
  • Scrubs are just an optional part of skin care, and you should use them very carefully.
  • Antibacterial soap can be dangerous.

Little-known health facts for better activity and rest

  • It is impossible to learn to sleep less.
  • A short midday sleep is useful.
  • Even if you start training at the age of 85, it will still help prolong life.
  • For back pain, it is more effective to move than to lie down. In general, exercise is considered one of the best ways to prevent back pain.
  • Physical exercise does not really help to lose weight. It is more important to eat right.

Little-known health facts for better eating

  • Smoothies and juices cannot replace fruit and vegetables. First of all, because there is not enough fiber in such drinks.
  • Adults can, and should drink milk if they do not have allergy or lactose intolerance.

Little-known health facts for proper treatment

  • Multivitamins should be prescribed by a doctor. People need to take them only for certain diseases and conditions. In other cases, they are quite useless.
  • Adult people also need vaccines, and not just for flu. Think of getting vaccinated against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, first of all.
  • During pregnancy, a woman might need vaccines against influenza and whooping cough (in the third trimester).
  • There is no reason to make an electrocardiogram before the age of 65 if you do not have specific symptoms.
  • Unfortunately, there are no drugs that cure dementia. Still, there are those that ease the symptoms.
  • Men also might have breast cancer.
  • Usually, you do not need antibiotics for food poisoning. Just drink plenty of water, eat little and low-fat, and relax.
  • If you often get sick, most likely, it’s not a matter of reduced immunity, but of poor hygiene, chronic diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, or age.

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