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Mental health tips: 10 things you can do for your brain

These mental health tips we picked for you will help stay active and smart for years and years. So, just try doing these 10 simple things on regular basis!

Mental health tips: 1 to 5

Eat more walnuts…

Increased pressure is bad not only for the heart, but also for the brain. Unfortunately, it can cause various problems, including dementia. But you may start with a simple rule: just eat a handful of walnuts daily.

…and some chocolate

A cup of good hot chocolate every day is what you need to restore blood vessels and clarity of mind. Just do not overdo.

Try sports for hangover

If you feel awful in the morning after partying, try running instead of grabbing aspirin. According to studies, 30 minutes of jogging is enough to completely restore your brain after alcohol intoxication.

Strength training as one of mental health tips?

Absolutely! Because amino acids help pump not only your muscles, but also your brain.

Your muscles build your brain!

Scientists have proved that the risk of dementia is higher for those who never work out.

Mental health tips: 6 to 10

Stay closer to nature

Even if you cannot afford moving to the village right now, try spending more time out of the city.

Have a rest

When you do not get enough sleep, the brain produces substances harming your brain.

Reduce iron consumption

At least if you are a man, because women need more of it. The accumulation of iron in the body may lead to the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Cut the stress…

Stress can lead to Alzheimer’s, too.

…and fight anger

First of all, anger doubles the risk of getting a stroke.

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