unbalanced diet kills

New data: unbalanced diet kills more often than smoking

You might be surprised, but unbalanced diet kills more often than smoking. According to the newest data, it causes every fifth death.

The study made and published by the University of Washington proves that poor, unbalanced nutrition causes every fifth premature death.

Why unbalanced diet kills more often than smoking?

Statistics covers the period from 1990 to 2017 and shows that every year almost eleven million people die not from smoking tobacco, but because of regular unbalanced food intake.

At the same time, scientists note that their goal was to draw attention not to the problem of obesity. They studied only the wrong approach to nutrition, leading to diseases, cancer and death.

Unbalanced diet kills because of excess of salt and lack or fruit.

According to scientists, the main threats include an excess of salt in food, as well as a lack of fruit and whole-grain products in the diet. They become the most frequent cause of further health problems.

In addition, researchers say that life expectancy directly depends on the use of omega-3 fatty acids, which you can find in seafood and fish.

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Mind that the new data telling that unbalanced diet kills more often than smoking is not an excuse for smokers!

Smoking causes serious diseases, including cancer, and negatively affects your life in general. The only way to feel good and live longer is maintaining a healthy way of living. That means no smoking, no drinking hard, exercising, and eating mostly natural foods. Your body will be thankful!

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