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No posts since February: Why?

You might have noticed that there had been no posts on this website since February. We apologize, and would like to explain why we’ve been too busy to continue our mission.

Our mission is primarily to inform people of healthy lifestyle. No posts for a long time? We apologize!

So, as you remember, in winter people all over the world learned about the epidemic of a new virus. Pretty soon, the World Health Organization announced a pandemic. Strict quarantine measures were introduced in various countries. The number of people infected was growing, there were not enough places in hospitals and ventilation devices … In general, you know further.

Why no posts? A brief explanation

The fact is that our team of enthusiasts have always volunteered on this site. Each member is a person who has the main job and who found time to blog, quite often with some difficulty. When the pandemic began, despite the quarantine and the transition of many to remote work, we had even less time.

The last post was about masks

No posts since February just because we made our best to help with COVID issues.

This is because each of us volunteered in real life. Someone, as usual, worked in a hospital, but without any days off. Others began to help doctors. And some of us got involved in helping lonely people and elderly with grocery delivery and other things like that. And we’re very proud to have done a little to help.

Hope everything will be fine and we won’t have to apologize for no posts anymore!

Of course, it’s too early to relax, you know. The virus has not gone yet, and we are aware of the risks of a second wave. Therefore, we ask everyone to take all precautions, and to protect their loved ones and everyone around from danger.


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