7 obesity complications

Obesity complications: 7 systems of the body to be affected first

Excess weight can cause serious diseases, not just make you feel unattractive. We picked most common obesity complications, divided into groups. So, here are seven systems of the body that are under risk in overweight people.

Obesity complications: Liver

First of all, weight gain seriously affects fat metabolism in the body, therefore causing liver problems. One of the first signs of it is nausea or vomiting after each meal.

To prevent such complications, get health checks at least once a year. Particularly, consider passing blood sugar and thyroid function tests, as well as testosterone and cholesterol levels exams.

Obesity complications: Heart and blood vessels

When a person gets overweight and moves less, fat and cholesterol are deposited on the walls of blood vessels. In turn, that leads to the formation of plaques, thus affecting the function of the heart and blood vessels.

The only way to deal with it is getting rid of excess weight. Exercise, and replace fast food with broccoli, for example.

The easiest way to find out if you are overweight is to measure your waist. If it is more than 90 cm, it’s time to take care of yourself.

Obesity complications: Respiratory system

Among most common obesity complications are snoring and sleep apnea. Also, almost all overweight people suffer from shortness of breath.

In addition to losing weight, try quit smoking and drinking. You may also ask your doctor for sleep apnea treatment drugs.

Obesity complications: Reproductive system

The imbalance of fats in the body affects the production of testosterone, therefore causing libido and erection problems. If a man doesn’t see his own penis because of the abdomen, he’s definitely overweight.

Obesity complications: Kidneys

According to studies, the risk of getting kidney disease is higher in obese people. One of the consequences of kidney disease is hypertension, that hits men more often than women. But diabetes because of excess weight, on the contrary, is more common in women.

Obesity complications: Brain

Scientists have proved that excess weight worsens cognitive function. Seems like obesity-induced loss of elasticity of the blood vessels in the cerebral cortex may lead to dementia.

Obesity complications: Skin

In addition to the fact that any unhealthy food is always reflected on the face in the form of rashes and painfully dilated pores, excess weight causes swelling.

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