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Old penis: 5 things that may happen to it as you age

Old penis is associated with many unpleasant things. Unfortunately, some of them are true. Probably, this list may help you to get ready for these changes. Also, you may think of how you can make things better. For example, there are quite a lot of possibilities to fight erectile dysfunction at any age.

Old penis stuff you should be aware of

So, what may happen to your penis when you get older?

Weakness (most likely)

Slackness of the penis is an inevitable aspect of the aging, associated with the loss of muscle mass. However, there is a hope to fix that. First of all, proper nutrition and exercise may help delay this process. In addition, many men consider plastic surgery.

Irreversible reduction in size (most likely)

Not just cringing, like after swimming in a cool pool. This is an irreversible, progressive reduction in the size of the penis. Because normal cells, used to be strong and healthy, are replaced by inelastic tissues as you age.

Bending (most likely)

In fact, the bend is one of the main characteristics of an old penis. Because of recurring injuries (during seemingly innocent sports and sex) microscopic scales accumulate in the penis tissues. And that happens asymmetrically. Fortunately, men can use Botox injections to get rid of the bending.

Erectile dysfunction (most likely)

First of all, to prevent it, eat healthy foods and go in for sports. Also, there are plenty of treatment options for erectile dysfunction, starting with pills and injections, and ending with implants.

Cancer (possibly)

Make sure that you know the symptoms of prostate cancer and testicles. And do not miss screening tests.

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  1. Hi! I’ve found this blog and it seems quite useful. Maybe someone could tell me whether it’s safe to use anti-ED meds for person aged 70 and more? My physician didn’t give me a normal prescription because of my age.


    1. Hallo! I’m 75 years old, and am taking the blue pills for more than ten years, so don’t worry. I’m buying them online ’cause my doctor’s too anxious, too.


      1. Hi! I’ve checked your site and couldn’t by them. What could be the problem? I’ve got normal Vida card.


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