overcoming winter blues

Overcoming winter blues: 10 lazy but healthy ways

In the cold season, even the healthiest of us need more energy for overcoming winter blues. It’s often dull outside, and the only New Year resolution to make seems to be “I can no longer.”

Due to the decrease in blood flow velocity, when it gets colder, our body switches to less mobile, more lazy mode. However, that doesn’t mean we should fall asleep until the spring comes. Studies show that even a bit of activity helps to improve health indicators. So, use our tips to stay active!

Overcoming winter blues, #1: Walk more

The legendary benefits of walking are proved by studies. For example, Harvard researchers have found that walking for an hour or more can slow down the activity of genes associated with obesity by an impressive 50%. Also mind such bonuses as a positive change in the immune parameters in thirty minutes and an improvement in the cardiovascular system in twenty minutes.

Afraid to freeze on a walk? New studies show that low temperatures have many advantages, including an improvement in the quality of sleep and an increase in the speed of burning fat in the body. Anyway, do not forget about warm underwear, good socks and a windproof jacket.

Overcoming winter blues, #2: Use fitness tracker

According to the annual survey ACSM Health & Fitness Journal, trackers, smart watches and other similar gadgets that you can carry with or on you will become the main fitness trend of 2019. Even if you have zero motivation, you can use an app with an opportunity to have support from a group of like-minded people who can monitor your progress.

Overcoming winter blues, #3: Dance

Can’t force yourself to go to the gym? Then, go to a party! Studies show that dancing is a worthy alternative to fitness both in terms of slowing down the aging process and improving overall physical and mental performance. If the weather is too bad, dance in your own apartment.

Overcoming winter blues, #4: Do not forget to rest

You probably know that to obtain really impressive results in sports, you need to constantly increase the load. However, that does not mean that you should work out 24/7. Our muscles need time to recover, so do not blame yourself because of skipping workouts.

Overcoming winter blues, #5: Do the cleaning

It may seem that cleaning is so-so active, but the results of several studies show that washing, ironing and cooking can be an alternative to regular fitness. On the contrary, too active household might be bad for your health, especially for cardiovascular system and lung function. Therefore, do it in moderation, too.

Overcoming winter blues, #6: Stand up

According to a study published by the European Society of Cardiology, a person can lose about 22 lb or 10 kg in four years just by standing instead of sitting during a six-hour working day. If you have to sit, stand up as often as possible. Of course, walking is even better. Finally, who said that buying a dress for a New Year’s party offline cannot replace fitness?

Overcoming winter blues, #7: Take a bath

You may be surprised, but hot water in a bathtub works just as a physical exercise. American scientists have found that a rise in the body temperature stabilizes inflammatory markers, blood sugar levels and insulin levels within two weeks. For better results, add aromatic oil or foam.

Overcoming winter blues, #8: Do not forget about sex

Is it possible to replace fitness with sex? Yes, but only for low or moderate loads. Studies show that having sex we spend about 4 calories per minute, while running burns twice as much.

However, sex can act both as a healthy supplement and as a substitute for physical activity. Moreover, in winter it makes possible not to leave your bed at all!  Mind that sex also improves sleep and reduces stress.

Overcoming winter blues, #9: Meditate

When your motivation is becoming less and less, meditation always is the answer.

Overcoming winter blues, #10: Do not let yourself get bored

Due to boredom and adaptation, our body just “skips” the same activities offered day by day. So, even daily workouts might be quite useless. No matter how many times a week you do sports (even once), let it be something new every week.

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