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Preventing food poisoning in summer: vacation safety tips

Preventing food poisoning in summer is easy, no matter where you go, with these vacation safety tips. Unfortunately, bacteria, viruses and parasites do not go on vacation. So, the food and water served in faraway countries (at your backyard picnic, too) may not only upset you personally, but also upset your stomach.

Preventing food poisoning due to bacteria

They feel perfect in raw meat, but also in salads with mayonnaise dressing and dishes with eggs, exposed in the sun.


Bacteria hates heat. Bring pork and beef to 70° C (158° F) inside, and chicken and turkey to 74° C (165° F). When carrying burgers from the kitchen to the barbecue and back, use different dishes for raw and ready-to-eat meat. In addition, better put salads and eggs in a container filled with ice.


Instead of fighting diarrhea with drugs, start with water. Just drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, thus replacing all the fluid lost. If you can, eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas and potatoes. But visit a doctor in case your body temperature rises, or you cannot stop vomiting, or there’s blood in your stool, or you feel severe stomach pain.

Preventing food poisoning due to viruses

Stomach flu has nothing to do with common flu, but it may feel even worse.


Just avoid contacting with people or surfaces, and never scratch your eyes after touching things. Sounds impossible? Then wash your hands thoroughly, at least before and after meals.


As with bacterial food poisoning, drink a lot of water, first of all. Also, you may take antidiarrheal medicines if needed. Your body needs about two days to fight stomach viruses.

Preventing food poisoning due to parasites

They may come with water your drink, or from water in the pool, for example.


First of all, buy drinking water in a good supermarket, and carry it with you. Also, use it (in some countries better even boiled) to wash vegetables and fruit. And swim with a closed mouth (we are not kidding).


If you think you’ve got traveler’s diarrhea, go to the doctor. In most cases, it passes in a couple of days, but there is also a risk of getting seriously ill. So, maybe you’ll need medications. While waiting for recovery, eat often, but in small portions.

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