quit smoking ASAP

Why should you quit smoking ASAP?

Well, this time we insist: you should quit smoking as soon as possible. But why? First of all, because no one wants to fight lung cancer in the long run.

The main reason to quit smoking

What causes cancer? Almost everything, as tabloids say. For example, red meat, and even smartphones. But most of these theories have no scientific base at all. The only exception is cigarettes that may actually cause cancer, and for many people finally they do.

The connection between smoking and lung cancer is confirmed by numerous scientific studies conducted in different places at different times. And the death rate from cancer is one of the highest.

What about other factors affecting health?

Many people think that smoking is not the worst evil, especially when compared with air pollution in cities, another carcinogenic factor. However, about 80% of lung cancer cases are related to smoking in the past or the present. After all, cigarettes are still more dangerous than anything else.

Am I totally safe if I quit smoking?

Unfortunately, almost half of smokers with lung cancer were diagnosed after giving up that bad habit, and one in five with such a diagnosis never smoked at all. Why? This is partly due to the fact that the diagnosis of the disease is still difficult.

Particularly, smokers always cough, so this basic symptom does not help to recognize the danger. Other symptoms usually develop when the disease has already spread and treatment becomes too difficult.

Do electronic cigarettes help?

But what if you switch to electronic cigarettes? Seems like they give the body nicotine without harmful tar contained in tobacco smoke. But scientists say that the mixtures for electronic cigarettes have their own harmful components. In addition, we know almost nothing about their impact on the body.

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