sleep hygiene

Revitalizing sleep hygiene

Good sleep is the main component of healthy living. Sleep hygiene is a few simple rules that will provide you better sleep. As we already mentioned, it means you’ll get more energy to live happier and longer.

13 rules of sleep hygiene:

  • Get up at the same time. Always. Regardless of whether it’s Monday or Sunday. It automatically creates your daily routine and helps you to sleep like a baby.
  • Don’t force yourself. If you cannot fall asleep within 15-20 minutes, just stop trying and do something quiet such as reading. Sleep hygiene says you can repeat this as many times as necessary.
  • Do it in your bedroom. We mean sleeping. Well, you can have sex there too. But please don’t eat in your comfy bed! And don’t sleep on your comfy coach in front of TV.
  • Try to avoid daytime sleep. If you really need it, 20 minutes daily (at the same time about two or three o’clock) is enough.
  • Exercise. Regular physical activity helps to fall asleep too. Try to complete intensive training at least six hours before going to bed.
  • Walk. In addition to exercising or instead of it. Quiet walk in the fresh air several hours before going to bed is an excellent natural antidepressant.
  • Beware of fresh air in the bedroom. Sleep hygiene experts insist on ventilating your bedroom before going to bed.
  • Do not smoke. Better at all. At least don’t do it right before you are going to fall asleep.
  • What about a cup of coffee? If you are caffeine addicted, drink it at least six hours before bedtime.
  • Some meals are really good in the evening. But only light ones. And better a couple of hours before the sleep.
  • Turn off your computer and TV. Well, first read this post. And then take a walk. Seems like catching pokemons provides less stress than reading news.
  • Invent your own rituals. Sleep hygiene (as any other one) is based on rituals. It may be a light snack, or a warm bath, or ten minutes of reading. Anything you wish that provides you a better sleep.
  • Do not take sleeping pills if you do not need them. Otherwise consult a doctor to be sure.

Better bed = better sleep!

We spend about 30% of life sleeping, so it’s obvious to do it in a proper place. The best sleep environment is considered to be quiet, very dark and cool. Choose the best  mattress, most comfortable pillows and blankets, and change them all when needed.

Good night and good luck!

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