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Skin aging: how it happens and how to deal with this process

In fact, skin aging is a normal process. But is there any chance to prevent it? This guide helps understand most common reasons for such aging signs as loss of elasticity and pigmentation. Knowing that, you will be able to fight these unpleasant changes.

Skin aging: wrinkles

Wrinkles appear for various reasons. For example, because of facial expressions, like laughing. Also, wrinkles on the neck may appear due to wrong position while sleeping. In addition, various diseases, hormonal disorders, dehydration, smoking, UV light exposure affect our skin.

A decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the smoothness of the skin, causes wrinkles.

The benefits of many ingredients that are part of anti-aging cosmetics are not scientifically proven, and they tend to give minimal effect, or do not give any effect at all. Among few effective components we may name peptides, retinoids, and polyphenols.

Skin aging: dark spots

Pigmentation contributes to a number of factors, like exposure to the sun, certain diseases, intake of hormonal drugs, or skin injuries. Of course, aging also affects the presence of the dark spots. Anyway, everyone should use sunscreen all year round.

UV irradiation causes pigmentation, which can be uneven, and drying out the skin. Moreover, burns may dramatically increase the risk of melanoma.

Which procedures may help? For example, you may try hyaluronic acid injections, or laser treatment.

Skin aging: sagging

Another skin aging sign is its sagging. The skin may get flabby because of metabolic processes, a decrease in the production of hyaluronic acid, and even due to constant stress.

Any skin aging sign may be prevented, or at least delayed just by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How can you deal with skin sagging? Well, you may try regular exercises for the muscles of the face, laser procedures, or injections.

Skin aging: roughness

The effects of ultraviolet and free radicals damage the core and structure of skin cells as we age.To make things better, use peelings.

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