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Sober curious: 7 things awaiting a person who gives up alcohol

Sober curious is a movement for conscious consumption of alcohol. You can read more about it here. And we have found a girl who have joined it about two years ago to share 7 things awaiting a person who gives up alcohol

#1: Your life will not change as much as you expect

In most cases, being sober curious does not change life dramatically. Generally, mindful drinking affects the daily routine and well-being less than it might seem. That means you will still hardly wake up early in the morning if you go to bed at three, and will still feel weak if you do not go to the gym. Still, it brings a lot of obvious health benefits. And no more hangover!

Changing habits is not easy, even if there is a better future ahead.

#2: You will become more attentive to others

People will remain the same, but you will notice changes in their behavior at parties much faster. Being sober, it is easier to see how friends change when drinking alcohol. Sometimes, it is sad, or even disgusting, but may be also funny.

#3: Answers are best prepared in advance

Although everyone theoretically respects personal space, people will be asking why aren’t you drinking, and what the fck is sober curious.

#4: It is also worth preparing for condemnation

If you used to drink quite a lot, all those acquaintances, colleagues and bartenders will be at least surprised.

#5: You will love spending time differently

You will be definitely happy to get rid of alcohol intoxication, but such a life may first seem boring. Try sports, board games, or whatever.

#6: You will study the soft drink market

Instead of wine or cocktails, you can enjoy a bunch of other drinks, from water to Japanese soda, sweet or sour, carbonated or not. In a while, you will be able to name 50 non-alcoholic drinks you prefer to beer.

#7: The headache will be even stronger

Sober curious means you do not have to give up alcohol completely if you do not want to. So, you may feel really bad after drinking two glasses of champagne on New Years Eve.

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