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Most stupid health myths you should stop believing

Once again, we picked some of the most stupid health myths you should stop believing immediately. So, read this, and follow our good advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and prolong your life!

Most stupid health myths A to Z

Brown sugar is better than white sugar

Unfortunately, brown color doesn’t make sugar more natural, or healthier. In fact, brown sugar is┬ámostly white sugar with a common residual sticky syrup, molasses. Honestly, it is better to reduce any kind of sugar.

Drinking alcohol kills brain cells

Of course, drinking hard is bad for your health. But it won’t actually kill neurons. Still, too much alcohol can damage the connections between brain cells.

Humans cannot grow new brain cells

Fortunately, we can! In fact, the brain continues to produce new cells in some zones all the time.

Organic food is the best and the only choice

Do you believe that organic food is totally pesticide-free, and more nutritious than usual one? Not at all! First of all, organic food producers can use certain chemicals. In addition, pesticide levels on both organic and non-organic foods are really low, anyway. Also, eating organic has no nutritional benefits, according to studies.

People can get warts from frogs and toads

Do not blame frogs and toads! In fact, the human papillomavirus, that may cause warts, is unique to humans. So, shaking hands with someone who has warts, can give you warts, too.

Vaccines cause autism in children

According to many studies, there is no connection between vaccines and autism.

You cannot swim after eating

Many people, especially in Italy, still believe that swimming right after dinner is deadly dangerous. Maybe, because they think their muscles are more likely to cramp in that case, or just because their grannies told so. In reality, no one ever drowned because of swimming with a full stomach.

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