summer heat survival guide

Summer heat survival guide: the main rules

The sun is lovely, but it may also hurt. So, check this summer heat survival guide in order to understand how to act correctly. You will learn how to recognize a heatstroke, how to deal with it, how to prevent all negative effects of the sun, and how to eat correctly in summer.

Summer heat survival guide: heatstroke first aid

In fact, understanding that the sun is trying to knock you out is easy. First of all, mind drowsiness, headache, and nausea. In most severe cases you may immediately lose consciousness. Fuller symptoms list is here.

But what contributes to a heatstroke? Here are the main factors:

  • high temperature of the air
  • high humidity
  • wrong clothing
  • overweight
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • age (both too young and too old)
  • some diseases

And here is the first aid:

  • call an ambulance
  • move the person who had a heatstroke to a cool, well-ventilated place, removing excess clothing, and placing feet a bit higher
  • force him or her to drink
  • if possible, also give this person a bit of sugar ans salt
  • dry the whole body with a towel
  • put a cold wet towel on a forehead

Summer heat survival guide: nutrition

Another potential danger in summer is food. So, better avoid eating dairy products, meat, ready-to-cook dishes, and exotic foods when it’s too hot. The best foods in summer are fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, drink more than usual. Obviously, the best choice is water, while the worst is alcohol. Also, try to drink less coffee.

Summer heat survival guide: prevention

To avoid negative effects of summer heat, also mind these easy steps:

  • follow doctors’ advice in case you have any chronic diseases
  • ventilate the room, better without using air conditioner that makes the air drier
  • always use sunscreen

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