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Three mental health news you need to know

Here are some recent mental health news to be aware of! They concern anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia. And according to the recent studies, literally anyone can face these awful conditions. So, let us find out if we could prevent them.

Mental health news #1: insomnia & anxiety

Finally, scientists have discovered how insomnia affects anxiety. Actually, they have already proved the connection between these two issues. Still, the mechanisms of the influence were not completely clear.

The study

A new study, led by professor Matthew Walker from the University of California at Berkeley, helps to figure it out. The results were published in the scientific journal Nature Human Behavior.

Experts measured brain activity to understand the effect of various stages of sleep (or lack lack of it) on anxiety. It turned out that the level of anxiety in those who spent a sleepless night increased by 30%.

Meanwhile, the study also showed a decrease in anxiety in people who slept all night, and the longer phase of slow sleep gave more significant results.

In addition, the study confirmed that people who had a prolonged phase of slow sleep experienced less anxiety the next day.

Mental health news #2: sexism & depression

Another of three mental health news concerns women, first of all. According to British scientists, women who have suffered from sexism are more likely to experience depression.

Learn how it works

How sexism affects mental health? The results of the study conducted in London showed that women who experience gender discrimination are three times more likely than others to report depression.

Specialists examined data from 2,956 women over the age of sixteen. So, women who experienced sexism were 26% more likely than others to report psychological trauma.

Also, the study shows that gender discrimination is most often encountered on the street (in 77% of cases), public transport (39.9%) and at or near railway and bus stations (38.9%).

Mental health news #3: smoking & mental illnesses

A large-scale study have proved that smoking increases the risk of depression and schizophrenia.

How it works?

A team of scientists led by specialists from the University of Bristol decided to investigate the relationship between smoking and mental disorders. They found that it increases the risk of developing depression and schizophrenia. The results are published in the scientific journal Psychological Medicine.

Specialists studied the data of 462,690 people of European descent, taken in the British bio-bank. In other words, they have studied a set of genes that together can increase the likelihood of developing a mental disorder or dependence on smoking.

As a result, scientists found out that smokers are 2.27 times more likely to experience schizophrenia, and almost twice as much as depression.

According to official statistics, cigarette smoking is the main cause of preventable diseases and deaths in the United States. Over 480 thousand people die every year due to smoking (this is one of five deaths).

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