The Health Impact Of Sitting Or Lying Down Too Long

Understanding The Issue

With a significant increase in jobs that involve minimal physical activity, a large number of people spend their daily lives mostly sitting or lying down. This prolonged inactivity is dangerous to health and can lead to myriad of health issues.

Health Implications Of Being Sedentary

The impact of a sedentary lifestyle on health is wide-ranging. Here are some key health concerns:

  1. Weight Gain and Obesity
  2. Heart Diseases
  3. Diabetes
  4. Loss of Muscle Strength and Endurance
  5. Depression and Anxiety

Reducing The Risks

Fortunately, it’s possible to mitigate these health risks associated with prolonged sitting and lying down. Here are some strategies:

  • Perform light physical activity every 30 minutes
  • Take regular breaks to stand or walk around
  • Engage in regular physical exercise
  • Consider using standing desks


Remaining inactive for long periods of time is detrimental to health. Therefore, it’s essential to embrace an active lifestyle and break up sitting time to promote wellbeing. It’s never too late to make a change.

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